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Once upon a time there was a Babia valley and in this valley lived a goddess. Based on this story we named this hut - Chata Baba Yaga. It is a place for all adventurous souls.

It is located in the woods of Ždiar in Belianske Tatras. You can find it by the smoke that always comes out from its great chimney. Here you can always smell delicious home-made food being cocked. Baba Yaga offers you colors of nature, beautiful bird songs and fresh mountain air. Surrounded by all this it brings back the feeling of tradition and connection with nature. We incorporated nature into the interior of our hut as well, which creates a unique experience where nature and modern world connects. You can choose from classic modern apartment with kitchen, through modern apartments in loft with beds made out of hay all the way to sleeping on a hay in a shed without TV or WI-Fi. TV and WI-Fi are provided everywhere except the shed.

To live means to appreciate nature.

We are looking forward to your arrival! Baba Yaga family!